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Forest Path

In Constant Pursuit Of Better

my story

By the age of 13 I had been dismissed by several medical professionals in my quest to figure out how I could feel better.  Most often my symptoms and personal experiences were ignored and I was often left feeling alone and sometimes even, crazy.  I knew better. Even though people who I thought would help me, claimed that they couldn't pinpoint what was causing my constant shifting discomforts, I knew it wasn't, "all in my head".  I never gave up.

I tumbled down rabbit holes of biology, biohacking, energetics, science, psychology, quantum physics, spirituality, genetics, epigenetics... you name it.  If I thought it could help me, I dove in deep. During my constant pursuit of health I discovered so much about the healing journey that western medicine doesn't take into consideration.  Most importantly, how stress and fear show up in our bodies, reverberate through time and affect every thought we have.  

Overtime, I realized that my constant pursuit for better needed to be coupled with radical love and self acceptance for my journey and experiences.  Everything that I have experienced was teaching me something.

With great love and curiosity, I pursue "better" every single day.

You either fall victim to your circumstances or take control of your life.  It’s that simple.


my mission

Listen, personal growth is uncomfortable... but so is suffering.  It's no different than building muscle. Many micro tears that heal create muscle mass.  Both are trauma in the body, one physical, the other mental.  


Both growing and staying "stuck" are hard so you might as well choose the path to better. My mission is to inspire you to get curious about why you are the way you are.  What makes you tick? Are you consciously choosing your direction in life or is life "happening" to you? 

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